Essential Oils

It is important to have knowledge about essential oils; a limited knowledge can be dangerous. So

We should learn all about and how to use them. Your best source of instruction is someone who has long experience with the use of essential oils in treatment. Here are some points that will help you to understand some of the ways essential oils work. Cellular effect

Active ingredient can have an effect on the body as a whole it must first have a cellular effect. If the essential oil is applied on the body or skin by massage, a large area is covered and the oil will penetrate the skin to the lower layers and eventually stream, it will circulate around the body and reach all the cells. The effect on the cell will be related to the amount of essential oil that reaches the cells. That penetrates the skin is related to the amount applied, and condition of the skin. We should know that the same amount of essential oil applied on inflamed or broken skin will have greater effect than the same essential oil applied on normal or intact skin.