According to the table below, we can keep our body safe from the mention diseases:

Osteomalcia (Rickets)       100%

Heart attack                          50%

Peripheral artery disease       80%

Diabetes type 1                      80%

Cancers                                   75%

Cesarean section                   75%

Landslide                                72%

Colon cancer                           67%

Kidney cancer                        67%

Brest cancer                           50%

Diabetes type 2                      50%

Fractures                                  50%

Pre- Eclampsia                         50%

Uterus cancer            35%

(A potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized high blood pressure)

The risk of some type of leukemia   30%

How is role of vitamin D with body and skin

vitamin D is a most crucial is regulation the absorption of calcum and proper function of the immune system and may support weight loss and help to improve skin problem

Taken from the book Vitamin D Biology &physiology & Molecular biology

Edition 2 page 12 by D Micheal Halick MD,